Steve Mac:
Yesterdays Test
Lean Years Test
West Coast Test
The Blues Test
Antonio Carlos Jobim
The Mummy
Saint James Infirmary
Tears in the Rain
Here's That Rainy Day
You Are My Bestest Friend (score sheet)
You Are My Bestest Friend (finished guitar track)
Last Night in Santa Rosa
It's More Than That
Here Comes That Rainy Day
The Shadow of Your Smile (no keyboard)
The Rain Song
Wally's Waltz
The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)
Puerto de Azul (John McFee/Norton Buffalo)
I Used to be Cool

Larry Campanelli:
Linus And Lucy
Easy Blues
200 Man

Kurzweil Support:
KurzSee - PC Remote Control - K2X00
Live Mode Setup for the K2500/K2600

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Speaker Design:
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Mid Bass Design
Horn loaded sub-woofer design project
Scaled Jensen Imperial Folded Horn Design (Hartley Woofer)
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